TempsNow! staffing service in CT has been there whenever we needed them, providing quality workers often on very short notice. When we need to supplement our crews, the first call we make is to TempsNow!

Michael Zaleski
Executive Director (Hartford Business Improvement District)

Anyone who's ever used temporary help knows that the quality of people you get can vary widely. I've found that TempsNow! (a better kind of company) can provide us a better quality of worker.

Ron Bodeau
VP of Operations

Anybody can deliver 'warm bodies' to the job site, but they can't deliver the confidence that the jobs will be done right. I know I can count on TempsNow! and the people they provide are always reliable.

Roseanne Hoffman
Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations

I have been working with TempsNow! for over a year and have been extremely impressed with the clear commitment to excellence exhibited by it's principals. TempsNow! is customer-centric, highly knowledgeable about the Connecticut job market and on the cutting-edge technologically. If your company is in need of quality temporary labor, give them a call; you'll be glad you did!

David Hartley
Hartford Business Journal

Our company starts the day at 5:30 am and TempsNow! has provided us up to six workers a day! Some days we have given TempsNow! only thirty minutes notice for workers and they have always met our requests. I was very reluctant to try another temp agency after having very poor experiences with others; but TempsNow! has proven themselves with their hard working, professional and polite people. I would highly recommend TempsNow! to any company looking for reliable and high quality temporary help services.

Stan Christensen
Operations Manager

We have been doing business with TempsNow! for over a year, utilizing anywhere from one to three workers a day. The workers have exceeded our expectations and the staff at TempsNow! has always been able to accommodate our every need, sometimes on very short notice.

Brian Duplin
Logistics Manager

Thank you for a job well done! Your focus on expediting the removal of tons of books was compounded by the winding quarter mile hike to the loading dock was not a task for the weak of heart! Awesome Job. Greatly Appreciated!

Deborah Leggett
Director of Logistics

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